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This is Blockchain Education Mission Command Learning 3.0

Future Cadet, this is the most amazing place to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency. See we transform learning into a fun and addictive experience by rewarding you with fantastic crypto rewards! Shouldn’t the future of learning actually reward learning, playing, and sharing? Our bite-sized lessons are perfect for breaking down the barriers surrounding this futuristic but mysterious blockchain technology while at the same time making it easy enough for anyone to understand.

Start earning Epiphany points for watching quick videos and answering simple questions as you discover how the blockchain and cryptocurrencies work. Redeem your Epiphany points for chances to win the cryptocurrencies you learn about! Earn bonus points for learning new things everyday and keep logging in each month to claim new rewards and discover new content! Learning and earning is completely free and accessible to anyone. Proceed to launch.

How It Works

Watch Videos

Watch short easy to understand educational videos that help you understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Complete A Quiz

After each video you’ll receive a simple quiz that helps you learn and remember.


You’ll receive Epiphany point rewards for every quiz you complete. You also get bonus points for logging in so keep learning and coming back each month!


Our library of online course is growing every day. Here are a few to introduce you.

What is Blockchain

Introductory course

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Bitcoin and Crypto

A comprehensive introduction

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Understanding the foundations

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Smart Contracts

What are Smart Contracts

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What We Do

We are the first ‘BoS™’ or blockchain onboarding service. The fact is, we like to think of First Contact Crypto as this mass adoption rocket that is exploring the outer frontier of education. We are blending tokenomics with education and entertainment to bring the power and wonder of blockchain and cryptocurrencies into the limelight. We are literally bringing people into the space. We are taking them into the story of blockchain and rewarding them every step of the way so they can fully embrace their childlike curiosity that exists within each of us. That human drive to explore, to expand our own understanding of what is possible and be able to unlock the value of a new technology. Then to share that technology and spread that value to those that we care about the most and in so doing grow the entire network of value, creating a whole new economy of value, a tokenized futuristic learning economy.


Individuals are encouraged to sign up for free as cadets and start learning about the blockchain space immediately. We are currently in the alpha testing phase and applications are open for the pioneer class. There will be bonus rewards for early adopters so secure your place in the launch today!

Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Organizations

Don’t wait or wish for mass adoption, as a famous space faring captain once said, “Make it so!” with our blockchain onboarding service. Learn how our service renders airdrops obsolete by using data driven user acquisition systems coupled with powerful analytics.


If you are a nonprofit organization or a governmental body, we would like to assist you with building educational solutions around blockchain and related technologies. We are actively pursuing both research opportunities and partnerships with qualifying institutions.